About Tencent Keen Security Lab

by KeenLab

Keen Security Lab of Tencent, transformed from well-known security research team Keen Team, was established in Januaray, 2016. The team is focusing on the cutting-edge security research of mainstream PC/Mobile operating systems, applications, cloud computing technologies, IOT smart devices etc. Team members of Keen Security Lab got 8 winner titles in Pwn2Own contests for the fourth consecutive year, and unified with Tencent PC Manager team to win Master of Pwn title in Pwn2Own 2016. In 2015, 2 Best Previlige Escalation Award nominations were made by Blackhat Pwnie to Keen Lab’s achievements on Windows TTF and Ping Pong Root, together with one Lifetime Achievement Award nomination to Wushi for his 10-year continuous contribution to worldwide security research community. In the past three years, Keen Security Lab has made rich research achievements in mobile security and IOT security, which are well recognized by worldwide software/internet vendors and security community.

Keen Security Lab is one of the important constituent parts of Tencent Security. The research output of Keen Security Lab will be widely applied into Tencent products and technologies. The research and exploration on IOT security and Telematics security will also help the “Connect Everything” vision of Tencent “Internet+” company strategy.

Contact us at: KeenSecurityLab@tencent.com