TenSec 2019

by KeenLab

Tencent Security Conference (TenSec) is an international cybersecurity summit launched by Tencent Security, hosted by Tencent Keen Security Lab and Tencent Security Platform Department, and co-organized by Tencent Security Academy.

Over the last three years, we have invited the top experts from international security field all over the world, focusing on Big Data, AI, Mobile Internet, Cloud Computing, Block Chain, Virtualization and Connected Vehicle as well as security domain such as Research Instruments.TenSec has been committed to explore the international cutting-edge security technologies and build a long-lasting platform that communication and cooperation for global security field to jointly maintain the emerging Internet business and user security.

**Tencent Security will host TenSec 2019, Tuesday, June 11th - Wednesday, June 12th at The WEST BUND ShangHai XuHui. **